Installing plugins

The easiest way to install plugins is by using the CLI tool grafana-cli which is bundled with grafana. Before any modification take place after modifying plugins, grafana-server needs to be restarted.

Grafana plugin directory

On Linux systems the grafana-cli will assume that the grafana plugin directory is /var/lib/grafana/plugins. It's possible to override the directory which grafana-cli will operate on by specifying the --path flag. On Windows systems this parameter have to be specified for every call.

Grafana-cli commands

List available plugins

grafana-cli plugins list-remote

Install a plugin type

grafana-cli plugins install <plugin-id>

List installed plugins

grafana-cli plugins ls

Update all installed plugins

grafana-cli plugins update-all

Update one plugin

grafana-cli plugins update <plugin-id>

Remove one plugin

grafana-cli plugins remove <plugin-id>